The Cooking Activity Recognition Challenge is organized by Sozolab and Larsen Team.


Participants should accept all the terms and conditions in this page before registering. By registering, participants agree to these terms. Participants should also register as workshop participants in ABC. Participants not registered in the conference will not be considered in the final leaderboard of the challenge nor for the Prizes.


Challenge is open to students, graduate students, researchers, professors, and data scientists. Members of LARSEN Team and members of Sozolab (“Organizers”) are not eligible to enter or win. Only submissions with a submitted paper are eligible to win a prize.


Participants should submit their results in a .csv file via the file upload web app and submit a paper summarizing their approach and results on the training dataset. The summary should include: features used, algorithm, parameters of the algorithm, programming language used, computational resources, training time and results on the training dataset.
Only one submission per team is accepted. If multiple submissions are received, only the last submission will be considered.

Workshop Participation

All participants are encouraged to participate in the Workshop to share details about their approach.

Data use

All participants may use the data free of charge under CC license.

Team Limits

The maximum size of a team is 10 participants.


One representative of the winning team will be invited to our laboratory installations in Kitakyushu, Japan for as many as 7 days. During the visit the winner may be able to collect a dataset of their own with our help. The total cost of the trip may not exceed 200 000 YEN including airplane ticket, hotels, in-city transportation and food.

When the winner is announced the winning team will be contacted to choose their representative. We will send an invitation letter for visa purposes if needed. The travel reservations may be done by the winner or by us, at the best convenience. No cash will be given to the winner in replacement of the travel and only travel expenses may be covered.

Other conditions apply

Competition Timeline

Start Date: 10/01/2020 00:00 UTC End Date: 30/03/2020 23:59 UTC