How to join

Participants are required to submit a file with three columns file_id; macro; micro

Each row represents a file, its macro activity and the micro activities occurring in the file. Micro activities should be separated by commas in no particular order.

Make a submission

If you have any problem with submission through the form please contact us at abc at for instructions.

In addition, participants are required to submit a paper for ABC Conference ( detailing their solution. The paper must include a description of their pipeline, features used, algorithm, parameters, any optimization followed, etc. A summary of the resources used such as memory, training time, testing time and CPU or GPU resources is also required.

Please include a table in the “Appendix” section of the paper containing the following information:

  • Used sensor modalities
  • Features used
  • Programming language and libraries used
  • Window size and Post processing
  • Training and testing time
  • Machine specification (RAM, CPU, GPU)

The paper submission must follow the template and rules for the ABC Conference

To submit a paper participants login to CMT and choose the ABC-Challenge track

Submit a paper