Human activity recognition (HAR) has been one of the most prevailing and persuasive research topics in different fields for the past few decades. The main idea is to comprehend individuals’ regular activities by looking at bits of knowledge accumulated from people and their encompassing living environments based on sensor observations. HAR has a great impact on human-robot collaborative work, especially in industrial works. In compliance with this idea, we have organized this year’s Bento Packaging Activity Recognition Challenge. In this challenge, participants will have to design methods to identify different activities done during Bento-box packaging from MOCAP data. The data has been collected during the Bento-box packaging sessions inside the lab. We will organize a workshop at ABC Conference to discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches shared by the participants of the challenge and future perspectives of this topic.


This Challenge will be held as part of the ABC Conference 2021
  • Challenge opens: June 1, 2021
  • Test data sent to participants: July 1, 2021
  • Registration close: August 17, 2021 Extended!
  • Submission of results:August 25, 2021 Extended!(Anywhere on the Earth)
  • Submission of paper: August 28, 2021 Extended!(Anywhere on the Earth)
  • Review sent to participants: September 15, 2021 Extended!(Anywhere on the Earth)
  • Camera-ready paper: October 1, 2021 Extended!(Anywhere on the Earth)
  • Workshop: Oct. 20th - 23th, 2021